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Military vehicles Pt 3 – FMTV HMMWV HEMTT M939

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Here is another video, showing assorted MVs from a National Guard maintenance lot. Not much has changed….there are: FMTV, 5 ton wreckers, HMMWV, M939, and many HEMTTs. HUMVEE Resources lightake:TG801 Dual SIM Standby Touch Screen FM TV Java Quad-band Cell Phone Black | Tech Update Today Can I Use My Benefits while in the National [...]

Military War Videos: Soldiers Inside Humvee After Attack

Posted on October 7th, 2010 by admin  |  No Comments » They are dusty and dirty, but very much alive. Visit http for more videos! HUMVEE Resources

US Army Soldiers Attempt To Salvage Humvee In Korengal Valley

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US Army Soldiers from Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, attempt to salvage a humvee and then get in a firefight with Insurgents in Korengal valley, Afghanistan. HUMVEE Resources The Blazer’s Trail – 70th Infantry Division « Lone Sentry Blog Licensed Battlefield Guide Rich Goedkoop: The Iron [...]

US Soldier Shot by Iraqi Sniper

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Please keep comments mature and clean. Otherwise they will be deleted. A US Soldier was shot by an Iraqi insurgent sniper. This video was edited from a segment on the History Channel titled Shockwave. HUMVEE Resources Transformers 3: Shockwave Concept Art (Fanmade) Atheists in Foxholes « Lean Left US Marines Hunt Sangin Sniper |


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Devildogs makes up a brave decision HUMVEE Resources Cheryl Cole Anti-Malaria Ambassador

HUMVEE in traffic AMAZING!!!

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humvee in the streetsss HUMVEE Resources


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Bikes Over Baghdad 18 June 10 HUMVEE Resources Stolen bikes « Bike Blog NYC

Humvee Traffic Driving in Iraq

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Jaja die Amis … HUMVEE Resources Nice “jaja” photos | GEEK! Video: Christopher Hitches, Martin Amis, and Jeffrey Goldberg Talk About Stuff jaja | CosmEPIC

Military Ghost Ride Montage

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Song: Mistah FAB. – Ghost Ride It Montage of people in the military ghost ridin’ Credits: Marines Ghost Ride the MRAP Ghost ride the Humvee Iraq – Ghost Ride It ghostride in iraq 408 HUMVEE Resources Fbi Wikipedia Ghost Riding the Whip – A Decline In Humanity | Robert Rolfe – Internet, Tech, Gadgets [...]

Afghanistan Humvee Training

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In Afghanistan, soldiers from the 205 Corps are getting behind the wheel of a Humvee for the first time. HUMVEE Resources Afghanistan Hysteria : NO QUARTER Hinchcliffe Wins in Canada | Junior Open Wheel Talent Do the Afghanistan war logs change anything? | Liberal Conspiracy