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Military Vehicles [United States]: AM General M998 HMMWV “Humvee” (US Army)

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Language of Video Presentation: English. The M998 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee) is an early Humvee vehicle model created by AM General. Developments started in the 1970s when the United States Army concluded that the militarized civilian trucks in use no longer satisfied their requirements. Among the contenders were Lamborghini which in [...]

humvee gunner weapons

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This is how we went out. I’m sure it’s been changed a few times since I’ve been there but we didn’t take the chance. This was my gunner set up HUMVEE Resources Gunner Technology

Iraq IED Blast

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actual IED Blast from IRAQ HUMVEE Resources Dead and buried: the fallacy that Iraq was a humanitarian project | Liberal Conspiracy

Iran builds tactical jeep

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Sepehr is the name of this jeep HUMVEE Resources

MISSIONX On Location video AK-47

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I was asked to attend a recording for a low budget movie, now renamed “MISSIONX” I really did not expect to be seen in it but if you see the movie you will see me for a minute or so, Check out the movies site at HUMVEE Resources Katy On A Mission x 2 « [...]

Operation of the Humvee – TVT 55-15 (1991) PART 1/2

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US Army TVT 55-15 HUMVEE Resources The SQL Swiss Army Knife #3 – Blog do Ezequiel – Site Home – MSDN Blogs Army Uniforms Soon To Fit Women Better « – 101.9 Lite FM Home

Military Humvee

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H1 HUMVEE Resources

Dodge W200 M880 M884 Lift Military Humvee Alsen Itzehoe Schütterberg

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Dodge W200 M880 M884 Lift Military Humvee Alsen Itzehoe Schütterberg HUMVEE Resources Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Military HumVee Corporal Kim – I Salute You! | Take Five a Day

hmmwv hill

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video uploaded from my mobile phone HUMVEE Resources How Microsoft might win the mobile-phone battle after all | VentureBeat How mobile phones can help reduce poverty Is it illegal to download YouTube video? | Articles Reloaded

Military Vehicles (United States): AM General M1113 HMMWV “Humvee” (US Army)

Posted on October 11th, 2010 by admin  |  No Comments » CVRDE · IRDE · R&DE · SASE · VRDE Established 1965 Director Dr. CL Dhamejani Location Ahmednagar, Maharashtra Address Vahannagar, Ahmednagar– 414006 Operating Agency DRDO Center for Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (VRDE) is a laboratory of the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO). Located in Vahannagar, its primary function is research [...]