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Military Vehicles [United States]: AM General M998 HMMWV “Humvee” (US Army)

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Language of Video Presentation: English. The M998 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee) is an early Humvee vehicle model created by AM General. Developments started in the 1970s when the United States Army concluded that the militarized civilian trucks in use no longer satisfied their requirements. Among the contenders were Lamborghini which in [...]

Military HMMWV For Sale Through Government Surplus

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Finding used Military HMMWV for sale can be accomplished when you look in the right places. Government surplus auctions sell many items from unclaimed merchandise, to crazy military vehicles that you can use for the best off road experiences or as a show piece to display in front of a business that is sure to [...]

humvee gunner weapons

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This is how we went out. I’m sure it’s been changed a few times since I’ve been there but we didn’t take the chance. This was my gunner set up HUMVEE Resources Gunner Technology

Close look inside a new 2008, $140000 US Army Armored Humvee.

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Inside a new 2008, 0000 US Army Armored Humvee, High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV / Humvee) 8 Cyl. 6.5-liter diesel engine TilTul LinksYouWantToRemember CIMG7899.AVI Soundtrack “My Shooter” (Groove Cutter) HUMVEE Resources Message of the Day ยป Very funny 4chan gif mix Drug Treatment Wikipedia | Drug Rehab T3 Series Three-wheeled [...]

Iraq IED Blast

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actual IED Blast from IRAQ HUMVEE Resources Dead and buried: the fallacy that Iraq was a humanitarian project | Liberal Conspiracy

Is this a good book idea?

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So, i have had this idea swirling around my head for a while, so please be patient. Thanks. The idea is about a young 17 year old taliban, who after his first mission and an experience with an IED struggles with his faith and belief, after a while he becomes interested in the americans, and [...]

Dream about search and rescue mission.?

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At the beginning (in the day time) there was this gate about 40 feet across and 12 feet high and it was opened. Then about 200 yards away there is another one guarded with a Humvee on the right hand side and 4 security personnel on the left lined up in front of it and [...]

My dream was a Movie that had nothin to do with me…?

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I had a dream bout this young black boy (i dont think it wuz me), well it started off at a dinnertable, sum how it jumped into this actiony movie. I dont remember all the details but there was wolverine as a kinda "Co-star", there were car chase wit the black kid at the gunner [...]

Mobsters Myspace: how did i lose?

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Insuccesso: You and your mob used: 21 Rhino Tank, 1 Small Police Escort, 4 Chainsaw, 4 ArmaLite AR-50 Sniper Rifle, 1 Exoskeleton, 20 Hughes 500 Helicopter, 493 Guided Missile Launcher, 461 Humvee, 438 Trans-Kevlar Armed Suit, 63 Advanced Ballistic Armor OdieHo’s mob used: 1 M113 APC, 1 Armored Rolls Royce, 461 S.W.A.T. APC, 463 Advanced [...]

Ridiculous Article 15…Is this Legal?

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My husband’s company discovered a humvee with the front windshield broken. Every platoon worked in the motor pool today, yet his platoon was the only one that was kept there for questioning. His 1SGT is keeping everyone in the platoon there overnight, and longer if necessary until someone comes forward and states who did it. [...]