Military HMMWV Sale, Specs, Historical Data

So many military enthusiasts love the military HMMWV. I don’t care if you are interested in buying a used military HMMWV for sale, recreating the days you were behind the wheel of one of these Hummers, you are looking to collect, or you just love the style, I found a great resource book that covers everything about Military HMMWVs.

In the book you will find great pictures, stats, specs, and historical data from authors Steven Zaloga and Hugh Johnson. You will find every military humvee from 1980 to 2005.

If you are looking for used ex military HMMWV or want to learn more about them, this book is a great reference book that you will turn to often. You can find a copy here. HMMWV Humvee 1980-2005: US Army Tactical Vehicle (New Vanguard)

HUMVEE Resources

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