Hummer H1 Very Off Road Drives Completely Underwater!

Amazing footage of a Modified Hummer H1, or Humvee, or a КАЛИСТРАТ!!? off road drives under water in a river, will he make it???? The hummer‘s(?) exhaust is completely submerged and the rest of the Hummer goes under water. Video Marketing and Video SEO by http

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25 Responses to “Hummer H1 Very Off Road Drives Completely Underwater!”

  1. papoose1223 says on :


  2. TheGamer49 says on :

    jetzt kann man wieder abwarten wie die Kommis nach oben schnellen!

  3. XxDebuggetxX says on :

    No problem for this beast :D

  4. midnightassassin13 says on :

    The one and only Hummer that i respect.

    I don’t even consider the h2, or h3 or how ever many goofy ass things they have now., a hummer.

  5. kreigsmann says on :

    that was absolutly amazing
    it must have took alot of waterproofing to do that!

  6. johntrebec says on :

    don’t do that with an h2 you will ruin your leather seats

  7. sportscenterCT says on :

    show me the carfax

  8. 12cyberspy12 says on :

    Impossible, as its a petrol engine, and it requires oxygen for combustion, how can it get oxygen supply under water?

  9. austinax123 says on :

    what a machine!

  10. LimoHireUK says on :

    @12cyberspy12 That tall pipe you see sticking out the car… is a modified air intake.

  11. BlackEyedPeasTube says on :

    One of the best vids on YT!!!

  12. comaltepierdes says on :

    wow that fucking cool

  13. Kalashnikov4Eva says on :

    @12cyberspy12 it has a snorkel dumbass

  14. GothicVision247 says on :

    that big ass tube coming ou the top of it acts as snorecle thats how it got oxygen…

  15. twistc7 says on :

    @12cyberspy12 not impossible… do you see the big tube sticking out from under the water? that is supplying the oxygen to the car

  16. smellsgood9 says on :

    hahah! Screw wasting millions of dollars on war submarines. Take that thing!

  17. ElBlaco1 says on :

    i love hummer :D These cars are the best

  18. LimoHireUK says on :

    @ElBlaco1 and this video just makes you love them even more!!!

  19. HummerLimoHireEssex says on :


  20. HummerLimoHireLondon says on :

    Thats one of the coolest videos on YouTube for sure!!!

  21. farnsworth14 says on :

    Why do people think it’s impossible? You have eyes don’t you?

  22. allsniper0302 says on :

    that was awsome

  23. allsniper0302 says on :

    @12cyberspy12 its not impossible if you just saw it done smart one

  24. GFLAMBORGHINI says on :

    GREAT VIDEO.10*********

  25. Hollywood0304 says on :

    fuken A!!

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